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Always ensure you keep your passport in a safe location. Your Hotel reception staff will be able to secure your documents in the Hotel safe if you require. However, you should keep a photo copy of your passport and visa in a separate location at all times. Nearly all Hotels have business cards written in both English and Vietnamese with a location map on the back. It is a good idea to never leave the Hotel without one in your pocket. Not only can it help you find the way back to your room but if required you can contact…
Generally speaking, Vietnam is one of the safer places to travel in the current world environment but as with every where else in the world, it always pays to be cautious especially when traveling alone at night and it is advisable to stay in well lit and populated areas at all times. In general the people you meet will be extremely friendly and willing to help you where they can. However, be aware there is wide spread poverty among the population and petty crime is on the increase particularly in the popular tourist areas. Small utility bags and back packs,…

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