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Vietnam is a long narrow “S” shaped country approximately 1,600 kilometres in length located in South East Asia. Population is roughly 89,000,000 with the capital being Hanoi in the North of the country. Vietnam shares borders with China, Cambodia and Laos and the South China Sea runs the entire length of the coast line.

Vietnam is unique in many ways and is a fascinating place to visit with something to interest everyone. The beauty and wonder of Vietnam are often understated and include many beautiful beaches and bays, Lush Mountain areas, striking Religious monuments, natural rural settings, wonderful food, bright vibrant local markets and the list goes on.

The architecture and character of Vietnam of has been shaped by its long history which has seen the country under the rule of a number of foreign powers including, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese and the French. Some sources indicate the nation of Vietnam was first formed in or around 2876 BC and at that time ruled by Hung Vuong.

Peace finally came to Vietnam at the end of the war with America in 1975 and the country was unified under a communist Government and became the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Monetary unit of Vietnam is the Vietnamese Dong commonly referred to as simply Dong and is abbreviated to VND.

People The mainly Buddhist population of Vietnam are hard working people who maintain strong ties with their family group. On the whole, people are very friendly and have an extremely inquisitive nature. It is likely you will often be asked many personal questions including how old you are and where you are from etc. It is important to try and not become annoyed as getting angry is considered to be very rude. Remember it is just part of the Vietnam experience and reply politely before changing the subject or moving on.

Food The traditional style of cooking in Vietnam utilises a wide range of fresh ingredients combined with the use of selected herbs and spices to produce cuisine which is extremely tasty and in general very healthy. Fresh herbs commonly found in Vietnamese dishes include coriander, Vietnamese mint, garlic, lemon grass and Thai basil.

A typical Vietnamese dish is very dependant upon the region you are in at the time and can vary quite a lot from the North to the South. Food in the Northern region tends to contain only mild spices or often none at all. In the central region around Hue and Da Nang, food can be quite spicy as the use of Vietnamese mint, chilli and garlic is common. People in the South will often use more exotic spices including Thai Basil and some curry giving their cuisine a distinctive southern flavour. Noodles and the use of Fish and Soy sauce common to all areas.

In the tourist areas you will find dishes to suit any taste including Pizza and even Hamburgers are available. As much of the population are Buddhists, vegetarian foods are available in all regions.




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