10 best thing about VietNam

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1. The people are among the friendliest in the world and will make you smile and feel welcome wherever you go. Say hello to a complete stranger and they will always smile and say hello to you in return.

2. If you enjoy going for a swim or just sitting on the sand taking in the sun, Vietnam will not disappoint you with many wonderful uncrowded beaches to choose from.

3. Mountain areas are very spectacular offering wonderful views, dense forest country, cold streams and walking tracks that wind through some of the loveliest mountain areas you will find anywhere.

4. Vietnamese food & cooking is simply not to be missed and you will soon be wondering why it is not more famous. Anyone who enjoys cooking will soon be signing up for one of the many cooking classes available.

5. Take a walk through one of the many local markets and you will feel the excitement of daily life. The unique sights, sounds and smells only Vietnam can offer combine to create a fascinating glimpse into Vietnamese culture.

6. When travelling around the country, you will find the scenery and culture can change quite dramatically with every new place you visit helping to ensure your journey to Vietnam is never boring.

7. Shopping, there is so much choice it can be overwhelming. Shops line virtually every main road and although some specialty items can be hard to find, most items are at your finger tips and at unbeatable prices but don’t forget to bargain.

8. Vietnam has an extremely wide range of art to choose from and add to your collection including paintings, silks, hand crafted wooden and marble items as well as ceramic sculptures, all at incredibly low prices. A range of styles to satisfy every taste and you can be sure you will make your friends jealous when you display your new treasures at home.

9. Being surrounded by the history of an ancient culture that has survived for over 4,000 years gives you a lot to think about and a lot to look at. Virtually everywhere you look there are links to the past that can amaze and fascinate you.

10. Simply sitting at a corner café any time of the day and watching the hustle and bustle of every day life is an interesting way to relax and take a break from your busy schedule for an hour or longer.

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