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Get ready to loosen your belt, because there’s no way to avoid a few extra kilos when eating at Today Steak Bangkok at the Sam Yan market. Their steaks are some of the cheapest and best in town, and after eating the all-things deep fried platter you might just contemplate spending the night right there!
Bangkok rates as one of the better cities in the world to enjoy a go-crazy all you can eat Japanese sushi buffet for an affordable price. My favorite in town is Takumi Japanese Restaurant located within the Swissotel on Ratchada Road.
The infamous bug carts in Thailand that consist of a random selection creepy crawlers, are a novelty and sought after treat in Bangkok. Getting a sample of each form of deep fried bug is a memory building and entertaining thing to do!
Situated across the river, this charming spot can be reached after a short boat ride. The small district of Xiang men houses the once-important temple of Wat Long Khoun. Neither the most awe-inspiring nor grand of temples but definitely worth taking a look at. Few tourists and locals venture over so expect it to be a quiet affair even by Laos standards.
Formerly used for the worshiping of the River Spirit until Buddhism spread in to Laos. Frequented by locals for thousands of years, the caves can be accessed by taking a river boat some 25 km from Luang Prabang downstream. Alternatively, the more adventurous (and brave) can take the land route via a jumbo (an open air taxi) that will drop you at the small village. A short walk to the edge of the village leads visitors to a spectacular view of the Mekong’s chocolate-coloured streams. When you arrive, the striking limestone cliffs and thousands of Buddha images that have been…
South of Attepeu Take the ferry across to Ban Sekhaman – the ‘pier’ is in front of the Saysekong Hotel, ferries run all day, cost 1,000 kip per person, 2,000 kip more to transport a motorcylce. Ban Sekhaman is a pleasant village for a walk around, with a couple of noodle stalls and a crumbling wat. Phu Wong, 16km away is a fairly uninteresting town whilst the road continues onto a dam construction site. Lao officials really don’t like tourists wandering around down here, near to the dam and there is some controversial resettlement of tribal people (due to the…

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